Medieval Slavic menologies

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[E] Beginning of New Indiction [SS] Simeon/Simon Stylites the Younger and his mother Martha [E] Dormition of Joshua, Son of Nun [SS] [S] Ammon, deacon, martyr at Adrianopole in Macedonia, leader of 40 Virgin Martyrs и [SS] Forty Virgin Martyrs of Adrianopole in Macedonia [SS] Callista, Hermogenes, and Evodius, martyrs at Nicodemia [E] Great Fire in Constantinople, c. 470 [E] Synaxis of the Virgin Mary at the Miasina Monastery honoring the retrieval of the icon near Melitina [S] (Spasskij says only 1295 and Nikod. have this entry. Vladimir doesn't list this one for 1295.)


[S] (presumably) [S] Paul IV ‘the New’, Patriarch of Constantinople [SS] [S] Ἐλεαζάρου τοῦ ἱερέως [S] Φινεές,[SS] (1295 apparently omits Julianus) [S] Diomedes, martyr [S] Philip, martyr [S] Eutychianus, martyr [S] Hesychius, martyr [S] Leonides, martyr [S] (apparently a duplicate entry for Eutychianus? Spasskij indicates that Sirl has this saint also, decribed as martyred on a cross) [S] Philadelphus, martyr [S] Menalippus, martyr [S] Pantagape, Virgin Martyr [S] Aithalas, Greek martyr [S] Ammon, deacon, martyr at Adrianopole in Macedonia, leader of 40 Virgin Martyrs

09/03 (09/03 )

[S] Bishop Anthimus of Nicomedia, martyr [S] Ven. Theoctistus, abbot, friend of Euthymius [S] Basilissa, Virgin Martyr at Nicomedia, aged 9 [S] Aristion/Arestus/Aristonippius/Aristonis, bishop, martyr at Alexandria [SS] Zeno and Chariton, martyrs [S] (Holweck 1924 states that the Russian tradition includes Archontion with Zeno and Chariton but that Archontion is not in the Martyrologium Romanum.) [S] Stephen the Miracle Worker, abbot of Triglia Monastery near Constantinople [S] Archbishop Alexander[S] Emperor Constantine the Great


[SS] Babylas and eighty-four children, martyrs at Nicomedia [S] Prophet Moses [S] Hermione, Virgin Martyr, daughter of deacon Philip [SS] Theotimus and Theodulus, martyrs by fire [S] Centurion [SS] [S] Petronius, martyr under Adrian [S] Charitina, Virgin Martyr at Amisus in Pontus καὶ [S] (per Vladimir) [SS] (per Vladimir) [S] Thutael/Sarbel, martyr at Edessa [S] Bebea, martyr at Edessa [S] Thutael/Sarbel, martyr at Edessa [SS] Three hundred sixty martyrs, identities uncertain


[S] (presumably) [SS] Urbanus, Theodore, Menedemus, and 77/80 companions, martyrs at Constantinople [S] Abda, bishop, martyr at Kaskhar in Persia [S] Heraïs/Iraïs/Rhaïs of Memphis, Virgin Martyr at Antinopolis [S] Peter, martyr at Athyra [E] [S] Virgin Mary [S] Anne, mother of the Virgin Mary . (Cf. CT 6 Sept)


[E] Apparition of Archangel Michael at Colossae [SS] Eudocius, Romulus, Zenon, Macarius, and 1104 soldiers, martyrs at Melitene in Armenia [SS] [S] Faustus, priest, martyr at Alexandria [S] Abibas, deacon, martyr at Alexandria [S] Dionysius, lector, martyr at Alexandria [S] Cyriacus, acolyte, martyr at Alexandria [S] (probably; Spasskij gives only one Cyriacus) [S] Caldote, matron, martyr at Alexandria [S] Macarius, martyr at Alexandria [S] Andreas, martyr at Alexandria [S] Andropelagia, Virgin Martyr at Alexandria [S] Thecla/Theocleia, Virgin Martyr at Alexandria [S] Theoctistus, sea captain, martyr at Alexandria [S] Sarpambo, martyr at Alexandria [S] Andronicus, martyr at Alexandria [E] Dedication of the Chapel of the Virgin Mary in the Church of St. Anne at Constantinople


[S] Sozon/Tarasius of Cilicia, martyr [S] Luke, third abbot of the Holy Redeemer monastery at Deep River in Lycaonia, Asia Minor [SS] Onesiphorus and Evodus of the 70/72 Disciples of Paul


[E] Nativity of the Virgin Mary [SS] Rufinus/Rufinus and Rufinianus, martyrs by sword [SS] Severus and Artemidorus, Greek martyrs


[SS] Joachim and Anne, parents of the Virgin Mary [S] Severianus, Senator, martyr at Sebaste in Armenia [E] [SS] .[S] Theophanes ‘The Faster’, Confessor


[SS] Menodora, Metrodora, and Nymphodora, Virgin Martyrs in Bithynia [S] Barypsabas, martyr possessing relic of Blood of Christ [S] Greek Empress Pulcheria [SS] Apelles, Luke, and Clement of the Seventy Disciples [S] (per Vladimir; see also 9 Sept with CT) [S] Peter, Bishop of Nicea in Asia Minor, Confessor


[S] Theodora of Alexandria, Penitent in Egypt [S] Euphrosynus ‘the Cook’, monk at the Amorian monstery at Constantinople [SS] Diodorus and Didymus of Laodicea, martyrs [SS] Demetrius, Euanthe, and Demetrianus, martyrs at Skepsis on the Hellespontus [SS] Serapion, Chronides, and Leontius, martyrs at Alexandria


[E] Veneration of the Holy Cross [S] Bishop Autonomus of Italy, martyr [S] Cornutus, priest at Iconium, martyr [S] Theodore, Egyptian bishop, martyr at Alexandria [SS] Julianus and 40 companions, martyrs in Galatia/Ancyra [SS] Macedonius, Theodulus, and Tatianus, martyrs at Phrygia [S] Daniel of Thasion [S] Oceanus, martyr in Lydia


[E] Dedication/Renewal of the Church of the Resurrection in Jerusalem [S] Cornelius the Centurion, martyr [SS] Serapion, Chronides, and Leontius, martyrs at Alexandria [S] Ven. Peter Theophylact, of Atroa


[E] Exaltation of the Holy Cross [S] Placilla, wife of Emperor Theodosius I 'The Great' [E] Commemoration of Protomartyr Stephen, Holy Fathers of the Sixth Ecumenical Council and Achatius, at the Hagia Sophia [S] ][S] Thecla, martyr by sword [S] Valerianus, child, martyr by the sword


[S] Nicetas, Megalomartyr [S] Philotheus the Miracle Worker, Priest and Miracle Worker at Mravin in Asia Minor [S] Porphyrius, horse trader, martyr under Julian the Apostate [S] Achatius II, Confessor, Bishop of Melitene in Armenia [E] Discovery of Relics of Stephen, Protomartyr [S] Maximus, martyr at Philippopolis [SS] Two Virgin Martyrs by sword


[S] Euphemia, Megalomartyr [S] (see also 24 Oct) [S] (see also 29 Oct)


[SS] Faith, Hope and Charity, Virgin Martyrs, and their mother Sophia [S] Agathocleia, martyr [S] Theodosia/Theodota, martyr at Nice [SS] Maximus, Theodotus, and Asclepiodotes, martyrs at Philippopolis [SS] [S] Lucy, widow, martyr at Rome καὶ [S] Geminianus, martyr at Rome [SS] Peleus, Nilus, Patermuthius, Elias, and 150/156 companions, martyrs in Palestine [SS] (Agathocleia is listed separately above on this date) [S] Bishop Charalampus, martyr at Antioch in Pisidia/Magnesia и [S] Pantaleon/Panteleemon the Miracle Worker, martyr [SS] Companions of Charalampus Pantaleon, and Agathocleia [SS] Myron and Heraclides, bishops of Tamasus, martyrs


[S] Eumenius the Miracle Worker, Bishop of Gortyna (Crete) [SS] Sophia and Irene, martyrs in Egypt [S] Ariadne/Mary, Virgin Martyr at Prymnessus in Phrygia [S] Simeon, brother of Jesus, Bishop of Jerusalem, martyr [S] Castor, martyr at Alexandria


[SS] Trophimus, Sabbatius, Dorymedon, and companions, martyrs

09/20 (9/20)

[SS] [S] Eustathius, martyr at Rome [S] Theopista, martyr at Rome καὶ [SS] Children of Eustathius and Theopista, martyrs (Theopistus and Agapius) [S] Meletius “the Elect of God”, bishop in Cyprus [S] Hypatius, Confessor, identity uncertain [SS] (companion Basilla appears several entries below) [S] Hypatius, bishop in Asia, martyr at Smyrna [S] Andrew, martyr at Smyrna [S] Pope Martin I, martyr [S] Maximus the Confessor/Theologian [SS] Artemidorus and Thalleleus, martyrs by beheading [SS] John 'the Confessor' of Egypt and 40 companions, martyrs in Palestine


[S] Quadratus/Codratus, prophet and disciple of the Apostles [S] Jonah the Miracle Worker/the Sabbaite, priest, martyr [S] Prophet Jonah [S] Eusebius, martyr in Phoenicia [SS] (1295 omits Nestor) [S] Eusebius, martyr at Gaza [SS] Companions of Eusebius, martyrs at Gaza [SS] (Filantropov does not name these) [SS] Bishops Isaac and Meletius in Cyprus [S] (probably) [S] Bassa of Tyrus, Virgin Martyr at Gaza in Palestine [S] Busiris, martyr at Ancyra [S] Nestor, martyr at Gaza


[S] Phocas, Bishop of Sinope, martyr [S] Phocas the Gardener, martyr [S] Drosis/Drusilla, daughter of Emperor Trajan, Virgin Martyr [S] Isaac, Greek martyr [SS] Priscus, Martin, and Nicholas, Greek martyrs


[E] Conception of John the Baptist by Elizabeth [SS] Andrew, John, Peter, and Antonius martyrs in Africa [S] Heraïs/Iraïs of Tamma, Virgin Martyr at Antinoe in Egypt [SS] τῶν ἁγίων γυναικῶν [S] Xanthippe, disciple of the Apostles καὶ [S] Polixene, disciple of the Apostles


[S] Thecla the Apostolic/Isoapostolos, Protomartyr [S] Coprius/Copris, disciple of Theodosius, Confessor [S] Gobdela, son of King Shapur, martyr in Persia


[S] Ven. Euphrosyne of Alexandria, daughter of Paphnutius [S] Paphnutius, martyr in Egypt [E] μεγάλου σεισμοῦ καἱ εἰς ἀέρα ἁρπαγῆς παιδὸς.[SS] (Like CT H and P, 1295 names only Sabinianus among the sons, it appears per Filantropov) [S] Paul, martyr at Damascus [S] Sabinianus, martyr at Damascus [S] Tatta, martyr at Damascus [SS] Other sons of Paul and Tatta (Maximus, Rufus, and Eugenianus) [S] Theophilus, Bishop of Ephesus, Confessor [S] .


[E] Death of Apostle John the Theologian/Evangelist [SS] Five Virgin Martyrs tortured by their father Saul [S] Ariadne/Mary, Virgin Martyr at Prymnessus in Phrygia [S] Chyra, martyr by axe [S] Gideon, judge in Israel (1 Sept Baron; 26 Sept 1295 alone) [S] Dossanus, Hieromartyr


[SS] Callistratus and 40/49 companions, martyrs [S] Epicharis, martyr at Constantinople [S] Ignatius, abbot of Deep River monastery, Bithynia [SS] John Mark, Aristarchus, and Zenas, disciples of Paul [SS] Philemon, bishop, and Fortunatus, martyr [S] Gaiana, Virgin Martyr [SS] Fifteen martyrs in a burning boat


[S] Chariton the Confessor, of Jerusalem [S] Prophet Baruch, companion of Jeremiah [SS] [S] Alexander, martyr at Calytus [S] ,[S] Zosimas, martyr at Calytus [S] Mark, martyr at Calytus [S] Nicon, martyr at Calytus [S] Neon, martyr at Calytus [S] Heliodorus, martyr at Calytus [SS] Girls and boys, martyrs at Calytus [SS] (Eustathius generally has only one companion, Callinicus; 1295 inserts Alexander and 30 soldiers into this set) [S] (saintset Eustathius and Callinicus is interrupted by Alexander, martyr at Calytus and 30 soldiers) [SS] (Spasskij believes this is Alexander, martyr at Calytus again, and 30 soldiers) [S] Alexander, martyr at Calytus [SS] Thirty soldiers, martyrs [S] Καλλινίκου,


[S] Cyriacus the Great of Corinth, Anchorite and Abbot [SS] Dada, Casdoa, and Gobdela, martyrs in Persia [SS] 80 martyrs in Byzantium, burned in a boat [SS] One hundred fifty martyrs in Palestine [SS] Tryphon, Trophimus and Dorymedon, martyrs [S] Petronia, Greek martyr killed by the sword [S] Gudelia, Virgin Martyr in Persia


[S] Gregory the Illuminator, Bishop of Armenia, hieromartyr [SS] [S] Gaiana, Virgin Martyr [S] Rhipsime, Virgin Martyr καὶ [SS] Companions of Rhipsime and Gaiana, Virgin Martyrs (Nino and other virgin martyrs) [S] (perhaps Petronia as for 29 Sept) [S] (Spasskij lists this entry as Gudelia, but Filantropov gives it as Gobdela) [S] Stratonicus, Greek martyr by sword [S] Mardonius, priest, martyr at Nicomedia [SS] One thousand martyrs by beheading

10/01 ()

[S] Ananias of the Seventy Disciples, Baptizer of Paul [SS] Michael, Abbot of Sowia/Zobe Monastery, and 36 companions, martyrs [S] Romanus Melodus, Confessor [S] Domninus, martyr at Thessalonica


[SS] Cyprian and Justina, martyrs at Nicomedia [S] Theophilus, abbot and ascete on Mt. Seleution, Confessor


[S] Dionysius the Areopagite, Bishop of Athens, martyr [S] John the Chozebite, Bishop of Caesarea in Palestine [S] Rusticus, priest and martyr [S] Eleutherius, deacon, martyr [S] Theoctistus, martyr at Nicomedia [S] Theagenes, martyr by fire at Antioch [SS] [S] (apparently, although this Dionysius generally doesn't have companions) [SS] fifty companions of Dionysius the Areopagite, martyrs [S] Adauctus, Eparchus at Ephesus, martyr


[S] Hierotheus, Bishop of Athens, disciple of Paul [S] Peter Capitolinus, ascete, martyr in Syria [SS] Domnina, Berenice, and Prosdoce, martyrs en route to Hierapolis [SS] Adauctus, Eparchus at Ephesus, martyr, and his daughter Callisthene [S] Ammon/Amun the Great, Cenobite in Egypt [SS] Acepsimas, Leo, and Isidore, martyrs [S] Theotecnus of Antioch, martyr [S] Theagenes, martyr by fire at Antioch [SS] [S] Γαΐου,[S] Φαύστου,[S] Εὐσεβίου, καὶ [S] Χαιρήμονος.


[SS] Charitina and companions, martyrs at Amisus in Pontus [S] Mamelchtina/Mamelta of Bethgarme in Persia, martyr [S] Cosmas, abbot of a monastery on the Sagaria River in Bithynia [S] Bishop Sabinus the Younger [SS] Florentius and Diocletius of the household of Faltonus Pinianus, Roman senator, martyrs [S] Bishop Sabinus the Younger [S] (see also 12 Oct)


[S] Apostle Thomas [S] (see also 13 Oct) [S] Erotis, Greek martyr by fire


[SS] Sergius and Bacchus, martyrs [S] Julianus, priest, martyr at Terracina [S] Polychronius, lector at first Council of Nicea, priest, martyr [S] Anthia, Roman martyr [S] Pope Mark I, Confessor [S] Leontius Hypaticus [SS] Felix and Eusebius, Greek martyrs [E] Great Earthquake in Constantinople (4 Oct 525)


[S] Pelagia/Marina/Margarita of Antioch, Penitent at Jerusalem [S] Pelagia, Virgin Martyr of Antioch [S] Thaïs/Taisia, Penitent at Alexandria [S] Artemon, priest, martyr at Laodicea in Phrygia [SS] (Like (CT) P, 1295 omits the companions) [S] Ἀννης[S] Anne, martyr at Adrianople in Thrace


[S] Apostle James the Just/the Lesser, son of Alphaeus [S] Publia/Poplia, head of a community of nuns near Antioch [S] Peter Galata, Confessor [SS] Juventius and Maximus, imperial bodyguards, martyrs at Antioch [S] (see also 12 Oct) [S] (Filantropov adds 'i Kerku', but no such name has been come across elsewhere) [S] Petronilla/Aurelia, daughter of Apostle Peter [SS] Stratonica and Seleucus, martyrs at Cyzicus in Mysia [S] Dorotheus, Bishop of Tyrus in Phoenicia, martyr [SS] Prophet Abraham and his nephew Lot


[SS] Eulampius and Eulampia, sibling martyrs at Nicomedia [S] Theophilus, abbot and ascete on Mt. Seleution, Confessor [SS] Two hunded martyrs by sword [S] Bassianus, Confessor, abbot in Constantinople


[S] Philip the Evangelist, of the Seven Deacons [S] (see also 17 Oct) [SS] [S] Zenaïs of Tarsus, Virgin Martyr and disciple of Paul καὶ [S] Philonilla of Tarsus, Virgin Martyr and disciple of Paul [E] Seventh Ecumenical Council at Nicea [SS] Nectarius, Arsacius, Atticus, and Sisinnius, Patriarchs of Constantinople


[SS] Probus, Tarachus, and Andronicus, martyrs at Anazarbus in Cilicia [S] Domnina/Domnica, Virgin Martyr at Anazarbus in Cilicia [S] Anastasia, Virgin Martyr, probably of Rome [SS] Seventy martyrs by sword [S] (see also 5 Oct) [S] (see also 9 Oct) [SS] Andromachus and Diodorus, Greek martyrs by fire


[SS] (with 882, Carp specifies only Carpus and Papylus) [S] Carpus, martyr at Pergamum [S] Papylus/Paul, martyr at Pergamum [S] Agathodorus, martyr at Pergamum [S] Agathonice, martyr at Pergamum [S] (see also 6 Oct) [S] Benjamin, deacon, martyr at Kaskhar in Persia [S] Florentius of Thessalonia, disciple of the Apostles


[SS] Nazarius, Protasius, Gervasius, and Celsus, martyrs at Milan [S] Cosmas of Jerusalem/Hagiopolites/of Majuma, bishop, Confessor [S] Peter of Eleutheroupolis, martyr


[S] (see also 17 Oct) [S] Anonymous monk at Scete, martyr [SS] [S] Sarbel/Tuthail/Thatueles, martyr at Edessa [S] .[S] (see also 16 Oct) [S] Barses/Barsa, Confessor, Bishop of Harran and of Edessa


[SS] Longinus and two soldiers, martyrs [SS] Leontius, Dometius, Terentius, and Domninus, Greek martyrs [S] Antigonus, Greek martyr by fire [S] (see also 15 Oct) [S] Malus, hermit and miracle worker in the East


[S] Osee/Hosea, First of the Minor Prophets [S] Andrew of Crete, martyr at Constantinople [E] Translation of Relics of Lazarus of Bethany [SS] [SS] [S] Cosmas the Silverless, martyr [S] Damian the Silverless, martyr [SS] [S] Anthimus, martyr [S] Leontius, martyr καὶ [S] Eurprepius/Eutropius, martyr [S] (see also 15 Oct) [S] Terentius, Greek martyr [S] (see also 11, 21 Oct) [SS] Chrysanthus and Daria, Roman martyrs


[S] Apostle Luke the Evangelist [S] Marinus, martyr at Anazarbus, Cilicia [S] Papas, Bishop of Skythron in Cyprus [S] Rheginus, Bishop of Skopolon Island (Droma) in the Aegean Sea, martyr [S] Julianus, hermit in Mesopotamia, Confessor [SS] Forty children, martyrs by sword [S] Mnason, Bishop of Cyprus, Confessor, disciple of the Apostles


[S] Joel, Second of the Minor Prophets [S] Varus, martyr in Egypt [SS] Sadoc and companions (20/128 priests, monks, and nuns), martyrs in Persia [S] Modestus, Patriarch of Jerusalem

10/20 ( )

[S] Artemius, Megalomartyr [SS] Calliopus and Nirus, martyrs in Greece [SS] (1295 has only Milles and Eborus) [S] Milles/Milias/Milus, bishop, martyr at Mahelgadar in Persia [S] Ebora, priest, martyr at Mahelgadar in Persia [SS] (1295 omits Ennatha) [S] Zebinas, martyr at Caesarea in Palestine [S] Germanus, martyr at Caesarea in Palestine [S] Nicephorus, martyr at Caesarea in Palestine [S] Antoninus, martyr at Caesarea in Palestine [S] Andronicus, hieromartyr in Crete [S] Τερτίου,


[S] Hilarion the Great, Father of Anchorites in Palestine [SS] [S] Dasius, martyr at Nicomedia [S] Gaius, martyr at Nicomedia καὶ [S] Zoticus, martyr at Nicomedia [S] Zacharias, Greek martyr by drowning [S] Demetrius of Doad/Dabud, Thrace, martyr at Amasea [S] Prophet Baruch, companion of Jeremiah [S] Aza, martyr by fire [SS] (1295 omits Hypatius and Sazonius) [S] Nerses/Narses, bishop of Sahgerd, martyr at Sciaharcadat in Persia [SS] (Holweck names some of the companions as Joseph, John, Shapur, Isaac, Hypatius, Azotus, Sazonius, Thecla, Baula, Denachis, and Anna) [S] Joseph, disciple of Nerses, martyr in Persia [S] Isaac, priest of Hulsar, martyr in Persia [S] John, metropolitan of Bet-Seleucia, martyr [S] Shapur/Sapor, Bishop of Bet-Nicator in Assyria, martyr in Persia [S] Azotus/Boethazatus, martyr in Persia [S] Thecla, martyr in Persia [S] Baula/Paul, martyr in Persia [S] Denachis, martyr in Persia [S] (see also 11, 17 Oct)


[S] Abercius, Bishop of Hierapolis in Phrygia [SS] [S] Maximilianus, one of the Seven Sleepers, martryr , [S] Jamblichos, one of the Seven Sleepers, martryr [S] Μαρτινιανός, [S] Dionysius, one of the Seven Sleepers, martryr [S] John, one of the Seven Sleepers, martryr [S] Constantine, one of the Seven Sleepers, martryr [S] Antonius, one of the Seven Sleepers, martryr [SS] Bishop Alexander and companions, martyrs at Adrianople in Thrace [S] (see also 23 Oct) [S] Zacharias the Priest, father of John the Baptist [S] Rufus, called ‘Preacher of Obedience’ by Theodore Studite, ascete, Confessor [S] Lot, nephew of Prophet Abraham [S] Or/Hor, identity uncertain


[S] Apostle James the Greater, Brother of Jesus, martyr [S] Ignatius, Patriarch of Constantinople [S] Nicephorus, abbot, founder of Charsias monastery at Constantinople [S] Macarius the Roman, hermit [SS] (interrupted in 1295 by Petronius and two boys) [SS] Theodota and Socrates, priest, martyrs at Nicea [S] Evorotas, martyr by the sword [S] (see also 22s Oct)


[S] Arethas the Governor, martyr [SS] Unnamed mother and sons, martyrs, companions of Arethas [S] (see also 16 Sept) [SS] Marcus, Sotericus, and Valentinus, martyrs dragged by horses [S] Valentina, identity uncertain [S] Proculus, Patriarch of Constantinople [S] Nerdon, martyr by fire [S] Achatius, priest and baptizer of Irenarchus, martyr at Sebaste [SS] Terentius, Vincentius, Emilianus, and Bebaeus, Greek martyrs by sword [S] Barsabas, martyr in Persia [S] Sinotus, Bishop of Capua, martyr [S] Susanna, martyr, identity uncertain


[SS] [S] Marcianus, notary, martyr at Constantinople и [S] Martyrius, hypodeacon, martyr at Constantinople [S] Anastasius the Fuller, martyr [SS] (probably; 1295 interrupts this set with Sabinus) [S] (Probably, although Filantropov lists this as Valerianus, since Chrysaphus also occurs this date) [S] Sabinus, martyr by fire [S] Chrysaphus, Greek martyr by the sword [S] Tabitha/Dorcas, widow of Joppe, raised to life by Paul [S] Varus, martyr [S] George, Bishop of Nicomedia and composer of canons, Confessor [SS] Theophilus and Helladius, martyrs in Libya [SS] (1295 and its relatives insert a Papiscus after Papias, per Filantropov) [S] Papias, martyr at Perge [S] Papiscus, matyr, identity uncertain [S] Diodorus, martyr at Perge [S] Claudianus/Claudius, martyr at Perge [SS] (1295 does not include companions, per Filantropov.) [S] Faustus, bishop, martyr at Darion Quarter of Constantinople [S] Basilius, martyr at Darion Quarter of Constantinople [S] Silvanus, martyr at Darion Quarter of Constantinople [SS] Nicephorus and Stephanus, Greek martyrs by flaying [SS] Philadelphus and Polycarp, Greek martyrs [S] Macarius, Bishop of Paphos, Cyprus [SS] Two unnamed martyrs in Thrace


[S] Demetrius of Thessalonica, Megalomartyr [SS] (see also 27 Oct) [S] Artemidorus, martyr [S] Basilius, martyr [S] Glycon, martyr [S] Leptina, martyr in Greece, dragged by horses [E] Great Earthquake in Constantinople (during Reign of Leontius the Isaurian, 740)


[S] Nestor, martyr, friend of Demetrius of Thessalonica [SS] Capitolina and her servant Erotheis, martyrs at Caesarea in Cappadocia [S] Procula/Procla, wife of Pontius Pilate [SS] (per Filantropov, 1295 et al. contain a story about Iberians.) [SS] (see also 26 Oct) [S] Artemidorus, martyr [S] Basilius, martyr [SS] Unnamed grandparents, parents and two children, martyrs


[SS] Terentius, Neonilla, and their children, martyrs [S] Stephen the Sabbaite, miracle worker, monk at St. Sabas Monastery near Jerusalem [SS] Firmilianus and Melchior of Caesaria in Cappadocia [S] .[S] Domninus, martyr at Thessalonica [S] Diomedes, martyr in Africa [S] Anne Junior from the men’s monastery, known as ‘the eunuch Euphemius’ [S] Febronia the Wonder Worker, daughter of Emperor Heraclius [S] Cyriacus/Quiriacus, bishop, martyr, patron of Ancona [S] (also 29 Oct) [SS] (1295 names only Terentius, Pompeius, and Africanus) [S] ,[S] Africanus, martyr at Carthage [S] Pompeius, martyr at Carthage [SS] 36 companions of Terentius, Africanus, and Pompeius, martyrs at Carthage


[S] Anastasia the Elder/the Roman, martyr [SS] [S] Abraham/Abramios the Great of Kidunja in Mesopotamia s [S] Mary, niece of Abraham the Great, martyr [S] (also 28 Oct) [SS] Cyril, Menas, and Mineus, martyrs [S] Sabas the General/the Goth, martyr [S] Euphrosynus, martyr, identity uncertain [S] (see also 16 Septs) [S] Ven. Arcadius, identity uncertain [S] Dometius, identity uncertain [S] Caesarius, brother of Gregory of Nazianzus, Confessor


[SS] Zenobius and Zenobia, sibling martyrs in Cilicia [S] Marcianus, Bishop of Syracuse, martyr [S] Eutropia, martyr at Alexandria [SS] (1295 inserts Joshua/Jesus) [S] John Mark, bishop, disciple of the Apostles [S] (first of two entries) [S] Joshua/Jesus, identity uncertain [S] (first of two entries) [S] Tertius of the 70 Disciples [S] Aristobulus of the Seventy Disciples [S] (second of two entries) [S] (second of two entries) [S] (see also 16 Septs) [SS] Alexander, Chronion, Julianus, Macarius, and 13 companions, martyrs at Alexandria [SS] (1295 and CT do not list Domnina and child) [S] Claudius, martyr at Aegae in Cilicia [S] ,[S] Neon, martyr at Aegae in Cilicia [S] Theonilla, martyr at Aegae in Cilicia [S] Romanus, martyr, identity uncertain [SS] Nine martyrs burned alive [S] Sabinus/Abibas/Phanas, procurator of Hermopolis in Egypt, martyr [S] Christina, martyr, identity uncertain [S] Manuel, martyr, identity uncertain [S] Dometius, martyr, identity uncertain [S] Dimius/Demius, martyr, identity uncertain


[SS] (1295 omits Appeles) [S] Stachys of the Seventy Disciples [S] Amplius/Amplias/Ampliatus of the 70 Disciples, martyr [S] Urbanus of the Seventy Disciples, martyr [S] Narcissus, Disciple of the Apostles [S] Aristobulus of the Seventy Disciples [S] Epimachus of Pelusium, martyr [S] James the Miracle Worker, Bishop of Antioch Mygdonia/Nisibis [S] (probably) [E] [S] Stephen, Protomartyr [S] Apostle Barnabas [SS] Trophimus and Dorymedon, martyrs [SS] [S] Cosmas the Silverless [S] [S] Sabas the General/the Goth, martyr (with 70 soldiers) [S] (probably for Bassa, as in CT 29 Oct) [S] (probably, as in CT 29 Oct, although Filantropov names a wife Anne instead of niece Mary) [S] Unidentified boy, martyr by stoning [SS] Gordianus and Epimachus, martyrs [SS] (perhaps 33 martyrs at Meletine? 7 Nov) [SS] Stratonica and Seleucus, martyrs at Cyzicus in Mysia


[SS] Cosmas and Damian the Silverless, martyrs [SS] [S] Cyrenia, martyr at Rosa in Cilicia [S] Juliana, martyr at Rosa in Cilicia [SS] (Like Baron., 1295 names only Caesarius and Dasius) [S] ,[S] Dasius, martyr at Damascus [SS] Companions of Caesarius and Dasius (Sabas, Sabinianus, Agrippa, Adrianus, and Thomas,_ martyrs [SS] John, bishop, and James the Zealot, priest, martyrs in Persia [S] Hermenegild/Hermenigild, regent of Andalusia, martyr [SS] (per Holweck, likely the same couple as Cyprian and Julitta) [S] Cyprian, martyr by the sword [S] Juliana, martyr by the sword [SS] (also 2 Nov) [S] Cyriaca, martyr in Greece [S] Domna, martyr in Greece [S] Domnina, martyr in Greece


[SS] Acindynus, Pegasius, Aphthonicus, Elpidephorus and Anempodistus, martyrs in Persia [S] Marcianus of Cyrrhus, hermit in Syria [SS] Martyrs at Sebaste in Armenia [SS] (1295 names only Eudocius, Agapius, and 8 companions) [S] Eudocius, martyr at Sebaste in Armenia [S] ,[SS] Eight companions of Eudocius, and Agapius (Atticus, Marinus, Oceanus, Eustratius, Carterius, Styrax, Nicopolitanus, and Tobias), martyrs at Sebaste in Armenia [SS] (also 1 Nov) [S] Cyriaca, martyr in Greece [S] Domna, martyr in Greece [S] Domnina, martyr in Greece

11/03 (11/03 )

[SS] [S] Acepsimas/Akebshema, Bishop of Hnaita, martyr in Persia [S] Joseph, priest, martyr in Persia [S] [S] Acepsimas, hermit near Cyrrhus in Syria [S] Achaemonides, martyr under Isdegerd of Persia [S] Theodore the Confessor, Bishop of Ancyra [S] Twenty-eight unidentified martyrs [SS] Dasius, Severus, Andronus, Theodotus, and Theodota, martyrs at Ancyra [S] Prophet Elijah [S] Elias, hermit near Antinoe in Egypt [SS] Nine martyrs by sword and fire


[S] Joannicus the Great, Confessor [S] Porphyrius, martyr, of Ephesus [SS] Nicander, Bishop of Myra in Lycia and Hermes the Priest, martyrs [S] Prophet Jeremiah


[SS] Galaction and Episteme, martyrs [SS] [S] ,[S] Patrobus, disciple of Paul [S] Pope Linus, first Bishop of Rome after the Apostles [S] Gaius, disciple of the Apostles [S] Philologus, disciple of Paul [S] Gregory, Patriarch of Alexandria, Confessor [S] Pope Alexander I, martyr [SS] (1295 also names companions Eupsychius, Pamphilus and Theophilus) [S] Domninus, martyr at Emesa in Phoenicia [S] Theotimus, martyr at Emesa in Phoenicia [S] (Filantropov has 'Theophilus') [S] Timotheus, martyr at Emesa in Phoenicia [S] Dorotheus, martyr at Emesa in Phoenicia [S] Eupsychius, martyr at Emesa in Phoenicia [S] Carterius, martyr at Emesa in Phoenicia [S] Silvanus, martyr at Emesa in Phoenicia [S] Pamphilus, martyr at Emesa in Phoenicia [S] Castor, Greek martyr by fire [S] Agathangelus, Greek martyr by the sword


[S] Paul, Patriarch of Constantinople, Confessor [E] Eruption of Mt. Vesuvius [S] Luke, abbot near Mt. Aetna, Confessor [S] Nicander, Greek martyr by the sword


[SS] Thirty-three martyrs at Melitene in Armenia [SS] Antonius/Antonia, Melasippus, and Cassine, martyrs [SS] [S] Auctus, martyr at Amphipolis in western Macedonia καὶ [S] ς καὶ [S] Thessalonica, martyr at Amphipolis in western Macedonia [S] Athenodorus, brother of Gregory the Miracle Worker and bishop in Pontus, martyr [S] Gregory, brother of Gregory the Miracle Worker [S] (also 9 Nov) [S] Lazarus, Confessor, ascete and monk at St. Sabas Monastery near Jerusalem


[E] [SS] ]


[SS] Onesiphorus and his servant Porphyrius, martyrs [S] Matrona of Perge in Pamphylia [S] Theoctista of Lesbos, Virgin Martyr [S] τῆς ὁσίας Εὐστολίας,[SS] Ven. Eustolia and Sosipatra, monastery founders [S] (also 7 Nov) [S] Anthony/Antoninus, martyr, of Apamea in Syria [SS] Christopher and Maura, martyrs by sword [SS] Artemon and Narses, Greek martyrs killed by the sword [S] John ‘The Dwarf’, Confessor [S] Helladius ‘The Morning Star’, hermit


[SS] (1295 omits Tertius) [S] Olympanus/Olympas of the Seventy Disciples [S] Herodion, disciple of the Apostles [S] Sosipater of the Seventy Disciples [S] Erastus of the Seventy Disciples [S] Quartus of the Seventy Disciples [S] Orestes, Physician of Tyana, Cappadocia, martyr [S] Milles/Milias/Milus, bishop, martyr at Mahelgadar in Persia [S] Orion, martyr at Heraclea [S] Theocteristus, abbot at Symbola on Mt. Olympus, martyr [S] Nonnus, Bishop of Heliopolis in Syria, Confessor [S] Martin, Bishop of Tours, Confessor


[SS] Menas, Victor, and Vincent, martyrs [S] Stephanis/Corona, martyr in Syria [S] Theodore the Studite, Confessor


[S] John the Almsgiver, Patriarch of Alexandria [S] Nilus the Elder/the Faster/the Wise/the Sinaite, abbot [S] Ahia/Achias, prophet from Silo [S] (probably; Filantropov translates the honorific as "bishop of Constantinople in Gaul". Pope Martin was an Apostolic delegate at Constantinople and was tried there.) [S] (Per Filantropov, 1295 has Φραγγίας, whereas its relative 355 has Φρυγγίας ) [SS] Antoninus, Nicephorus, Germanus, Zebinas and Ennatha, martyrs at Caesarea in Palestine [S] Arsacius, martyr by sword [S] Flavianus, Patriarch of Constantinople [S] Pope Leo I, the Great, Confessor


[S] John Chrysostom, Patriarch of Constantinople


[S] Apostle Philip


[SS] (Filantropov does not mention companions in 1295 and related mss.) [S] Guria, martyr at Edessa [S] Shamona, martyr at Edessa [S] Habib, martyr at Edessa [SS] Elpidius, Marcellus, Eustachius, and Companions, martyrs [SS] (of this group, like P at 16 Nov, 1295 lists only Carterius, Eupsychius, and a Nearchus, in the ame order as P. Filantropov does not mention companions in 1295 and related mss.) [S] Eupsychius, martyr at Emesa in Phoenicia [S] (also in 1295, for Nov. 5) [S] Carterius, martyr at Emesa in Phoenicia [S] Quintianus/Kindion/Kyntirianus, Bishop of Seleucia [SS] Emperor Justinian II and Empress Theodora [S] Thomas 'The New' (Thomas II), Patriarch of Constantinople [S] Zacharias, Greek martyr by drowning [S] Prophet Baruch, companion of Jeremiah [S] (most likely, although Spasskij identifies this individual as Aza, martyr by drowning, usually 21 Oct.) [S] Demetrius of Doad/Dabud in Thrace, martyr at Amasea


[S] Apostle Matthew the Evangelist


[S] Gregory the Miracle Worker, Bishop of Neocaesarea in Pontus [S] Lazarus Zographus 'The Painter', Confessor [SS] Or, Oropsis, and Irenaeus, martyrs in Egypt [S] Saisus of Persia, martyr, identity uncertain [SS] Zacharias and John, Confessors at Constantinople [S] Longinus, monk in Egypt [S] Gennadius, Patriarch of Constantinople, identity uncertain [S] Maximianus, Patriarch of Constantinople [S] Justinus, Greek hermit


[S] Plato, martyr at Ancyra [S] Romanus, deacon in Palestine, martyr at Antioch [S] Baby, identity uncertain [SS] Zacchaeus, and Alphaeus, martyrs at Caesaria in Palestine [S] Basil the New/Junior, Confessor


[S] Prophet Abdias/Obadjah, Fourth of the Minor Prophets [S] Azes/Azi/Aza the Miracle Worker, martyr [S] Barlaam of Antioch, martyr [SS] One hundred fifty soldiers, disciples of Azes, martyrs [SS] [S] ,[S] Thallelaeus, martyr at Nicomedia [S] Christopher, martyr at Nicomedia [S] Euphemia, martyr at Nicomedia [SS] children of Christopher and Euphemia [S] Pancharius, martyr at Nicomedia [SS] Twelve soldiers, martyrs [SS] Aquilina, wife of eparch who tortured Azes, and her daughter, martyrs [S] Agapius, martyr at Caesarea in Palestine


[S] Gregory Decapolite, Bishop, Confessor [S] Proculus, Patriarch of Constantinople [S] Dasius, martyr at Durostorum (Dorostolum) in Moesia (Silistra, Bulgaria) [SS] (1295 omits the second Isaac and Bantha/Paul) [S] Nerses/Narses, Bishop of Sahgerd in Beht Garmai, martyr in Persia [S] Joseph, disciple of Nerses/Narses, martyr in Persia [S] John, metropolitan of Bet-Seleucia, martyr [S] Shapur/Sapor, Bishop of Bet-Nicator in Assyria, martyr in Persia [S] Isaac, priest of Hulsar, martyr in Persia [S] Papas, priest at Herminum, martyr in Persia [S] Azotus/Boethazatus, martyr in Persia [S] Sazonus, martyr in Persia [S] Thecla, martyr in Persia [S] (per Filantropov; appears to be a conflation of Baula and Bantha) [S] Denachis, martyr in Persia [S] Proculus, Patriarch of Constantinople [SS] Eustathius, Thespesius, and Anatolius, martyrs at Nicea in Bithynia [S] Theoctistus, Confessor, patrician and eunuch of Empress Theodora


[E] Entry of the Virgin Mary into the Temple


[SS] (1295 inserts Onesimus into this group) [S] Philemon, bishop, disciple of Apostle Paul, martyr [S] Onesimus the Apostle, martyr, servant of Philemon [S] Archippus, Bishop of Colossae, companion of Apostle Paul, martyr [S] Apphia/Appia, martyr (with husband Philemon and Archippus) [SS] Cecilia, Virgin Martyr at Rome, her betrothed Valerianus and his brother Tiburtius, martyrs [S] Procopius, Megalomartyr at Caesaria in Palestine [S] Menignus, martyr from Parium on the Hellespont [S] Maximus Capiclanius, jailer, martyr [SS] Stephen and two Marks, martyrs at Antioch in Pisidia [S] Agabbas/Abbas, disciple of Eusebius in Syria, Confessor [S] Ven. Callistus, identity uncertain [SS] (Like H, 1295 omits Pancharius, and also omits the children; per Filantropov, 1295 alone among its relatives inserts Zacharias into this group) [S] Christopher, martyr at Nicomedia [S] Euphemia, martyr at Nicomedia [S] (1295, alone among rels., per Spasskij, with Xlud. 144, but per Filantropov, his description in 1295 is ῾Ρωμαῖος) [S] Thallelaeus, martyr at Nicomedia [S] Anthimus, deacon, martyr at Nicomedia [S] Thaddeus, Greek martyr by wheel [SS] Sisinnius, Agapion, and Agapius, martyrs by sword in Greece


̇ [S] Amphilochius, Bishop of Iconium, Confessor и [S] Sisinnius, Bishop of Cyzicus, martyr [S] (per Filantropov, subject of a story in 1295 and relatives) [S] Ischyrion, bishop in Egypt [S] Helenus, Bishop of Tarsus


[S] Gregory II 'The Theologian', Confessor, Bishop of Girgenti in Sicily [SS] Fifty orators, martyrs [S] Basilissa, martyr, wife of emperor Maxentius [S] Porphyrius the General, martyr [S] Malchus, Greek saint [S] Karion, monk at Scete, Egypt [S] Hermogenes, Bishop of Girgenti in Sicily, Confessor [SS] Philumenus and Christopher, Greek martyrs [S] Eugenius, Greek martyr thrown from a wall [S] Procopius, Greek martyr [S] Alexander, martyr at Corinth [S] Gregory, founder of the Chrysopetra monastery in Pontus, Asia Minor [S] Chrysogonus, martyr, spiritual adviser of Anastasia [S] Mark of Triglia, Confessor [S] Theodore of Antioch, martyr


[S] Catherine, Megalomartyr [S] Pope Clement I the Roman, martyr [S] Peter, Patriarch of Alexandria, martyr [S] Peter the Silent, of Ancyra in Galatia, Asia Minor, Confessor [SS] Six hundred seventy martyrs


[S] Mercurius of Caesarea in Cappadocia, martyr [S] Alypius, Stylite, Confessor [S] James Hypaethrius, hermit and Confessor [S] Stylianus ‘the Wonder Worker’ of Paphlagonia, Asia Minor, Confessor [S] Achatius the Sinaite 'on the ladder', Confessor


[S] James Intercisus of Persia, martyr [S] Romanus ‘the Wonder Worker’, Confessor [S] Pinuphrius, ascete in Egypt [S] Nathaniel/Nathaneal, anchorite in the Nitrian desert in Egypt


[SS] (Like H, 1295 does not list Basil.) [S] Stephen the New, martyr [S] Peter, martyr at Constantinople [S] Andrew, martyr at Constantinople [S] Anne, noble widow of Constantinople, martyr [SS] Many soldiers, martyrs [S] Irenarchus/Hirenarchus, martyr at Sebaste in Armenia


[S] Paramon, martyr [S] Philumenus/Philemon, martyr at Ancyra [S] (in Fa in Matéos's CT collation) [S] John, priest, martyr in Persia [S] Urbanus, bishop in Macedonia [S] Dionysius, bishop of Corinth, martyr [S] Bessarion the Great, Thaumaturgus [S] Pancosmius, Greek saint [S] Pitirim/Pityrun/Pithyrion, disciple of Anthony the Great, Confessor [S] Valerianus/Valerinus, Greek martyr


[S] Apostle Andrew [S] Frumentius, bishop and Apostle of Abyssinia, Confessor


[S] Nahum, Seventh of the Minor Prophets [S] Ananias the Persian, martyr [S] Philaretus the Merciful, Confessor [S] (Holweck is tentative in naming Ephesus) [S] Dionysius, bishop of Corinth, martyr [S] (per Spasskij) τοῦ ἁγίου μάρτυρος Θεοδώρου [S] Saturninus, martyr in Syria [S] Onesimus, Bishop of Ephesus, martyr


[S] Habakuk of the Twelve Minor Prophets [SS] John, Andrew, Heracleemon, and Theophilus, hermits in Egypt [S] Myrope, martyr at Chios in the Grecian Archipelago [S] Ananias, Bishop of Ephesus [S] Solochon, Bishop of Ephesus, martyr [S] (1295 seems to list this saint twice consecutively, the second time calling him "Solomon, Archbishop of Ephesus") [S] Ἄθλησις τοῦ ἁγίου μάρτυρος Ἀβίβου.


[S] Sophonias/Zephaniah, Ninth of the Lesser Prophets [S] Theodore ‘the Scribe’, Patriarch of Alexandria, martyr [S] Theodulus of Cyprus, Confessor [S] (1295 lists two Theoduli on this date) [S] John Hesychastes, Greek ascete [SS] Agapius, Seleucus, Mamas, and companions, martyrs by beheading [SS] Indes, Domna, and companions, martyrs at Nicomedia [S] Glyceria, martyr [SS] (1295 described them as at Constantinople)


[S] Barbara, Virgin Martyr [S] John, Bishop of Polyboton in Phrygia (Asia Minor), Confessor [S] Juliana, martyr, protestor of Barbara's death [S] Gratus, Bishop of Ephesus [SS] Christodulus and Myrope/Christodula, martyrs


[S] Sabas, abbot, Confessor [S] Anastasius, martyr by beheading [S] Diogenes, Greek martyr by stoning [S] Abercius, martyr by beheading [S] Nonnus, Bishop of Heliopolis in Syria, Confessor


[S] Nicholas, Bishop of Myra, Confessor [E] Great Earthquake in Constantinople (in 557)


[S] Ambrose, Bishop of Milan [S] Athenodorus, martyr, ascete in the Syrian desert [S] Paul ‘The Obedient’, Confessor [S] Neophytus, Greek martyr [SS] Acepsimas, Leo, and Isidore, martyrs [S] Ammon/Amun the Great, Cenobite in Egypt [SS] (1295 lists Neophytus separately on this date) [S] Gaianus, martyr [S] Gaius, martyr [SS] Three hundred martyrs in Africa [S] Ignatius, Confessor, buried at Blachernai church in Constantinople [SS] Priscus, Martin, and Nicholas


[S] Patapius, Confessor, of Thebes, Egypt [SS] (This may be the same group as the 300 martyrs listed in 1295 for 7 Dec.) [SS] Selected Disciples of the Apostles (Sosthenes, Apollo, Cephas, Tychicus, Epaphroditus, Caesarius, and Onesiphorus) [S] Sophronius, Bishop of Cyprus


[E] Conception by Anne of the Virgin Mary [S] Stephen Neolampos, clergyman at the Hagia Sophia, ninth century [SS] Sositheus, Narses, and Isaacius, martyrs by beheading in Persia


[SS] Menas, Hermogenes and Eugraphus, martyrs at Alexandria [S] Gemellus of Paphlagonia, Asia Minor, martyr [S] Theotecnus, Greek martyr by beheading [SS] Eugenius and Martinus, martyrs in Caesaria [E] Synaxis of the Archangel Michael in the Addas Quarter


[S] Daniel Stylites, Confessor [S] Luke the Stylite, Confessor [SS] Aithalas and Apseus/Acepsimas, martyrs in Persia [SS] Terentius, Vincent, Emilianus, and Bebea, martyrs [S] Barsabas, martyr in Persia [SS] Peter and Acepsimas, martyrs in Persia


[S] Spiridion, Archbishop of Tremithus on Cyprus [S] Synesius/Synetus, lector, martyr at Rome [S] Alexander, Bishop of Jerusalem, Confessor [SS] Ammonathas and Antha, hermits near Pelusium in Egypt


[SS] Eustratius, Auxentius, Eugenius, Mardarius, and Orestes, martyrs [S] Lucy/Lucia, Virgin Martyr at Syracuse in Sicily [S] Arisus, hermit in Egypt [S] Anastasia, ascete and martyr, identity uncertain


[SS] (1295 omits Callinicus) [S] Thyrsus, martyr at Apollonia [S] Leucius, martyr at Apollonia [SS] Philemon, Apollonius, and Arian, martyrs in Egypt [E] Great Earthquake in Constantinople (in 557)


[SS] (1295 interrupts this pair with Eleutherius Cubicularus) [S] Eleutherius, bishop and Roman martyr [S] Eleutherius Cubicularius, martyr [S] Anthia, Roman martyr [S] Coremon, martyr, identity uncertain [S] Paul the Younger, of Latros, Confessor [E] Election of John Chrysostom as Patriarch of Constantinople


[SS] (apparently, per Filantropov, 1295 does not include companions.) [S] Probus/Promus, Greek martyr [S] Hilarion, martyr at Kalipta [S] Memnon, Bishop of Ephesus, participant in the Third Ecumenical Council [S] Modestus, Patriarch of Jerusalem [E] Dormition of Nicholas Chrysoberges, Patriarch of Constantinople [E] Dedication of the Church of St. Christopher, martyr, near the Church of St. Polyeuctus [SS] (for the second Sunday before Christmas) [S] Abraham, Patriarch [S] Isaac, Patriach, son of Abraham [S] Jacob, Patriarch, son of Isaac [SS] (Per Filantropov, listed individually with vitae, but Filantropov provides only Susanna, the last entry.) [S] Susanna of the Old Testament, wife of Joachim of Babylon


[SS] Ananias, Azarias, Misael, and Prophet Daniel [S] Dunale/Daniel/Stephen, martyr in Egypt, 10th cen. [SS] Patermuthius, Copres, and Alexander, martyrs [S] Luke of Triglia, on the Bay of Chios, Confessor [S] (perhaps a second entry for Dunale/Daniel/Stephen?) [S] (probably; 1295 'Iacchus', per Spasskij and Filantropov.)


[SS] Sebastian of Milan and companions (Marcus, Marcellianus, Nicostratus, Zoe, Tranquillinus, Claudius, Castor, Tiburtius, Castolus, and 58 others), martyrs [S] Florus, Confessor, Bishop of Amisus (Samsum) [S] Michael Syncellus, priest, Confessor [S] Modestus, Patriarch of Jerusalem [S] Ebiotus, martyr under Maximianus [SS] Phocas and Hermylus, martyrs by the sword [S] Zacchaeus, deacon at Gadira, martyr at Caesaria in Palestine (with Alphaeus) [S] Sophia the Wonder Worker, Greek saint [E] Dedication of the Chapel of the Virgin Mary at Chalkoprateia


[S] Boniface, martyr at Tarsus [SS] Probus/Promus, Ares, and Elias, Egyptian martyrs at Ascalon in Palestine [SS] Timothy and Polyeuctus, martyrs at the stake [S] Gregentius, Bishop of the Homerites in Arabia [SS] [S] Eutychius, martyr by the sword [S] Thessalonice, martyr καὶ [SS] 270 companions of Eutychius and Thessalonice [S] Tryphon, priest and martyr by hanging


[S] Ignatius Theophorus, Bishop of Antioch, martyr [SS] Macarius and Eugenius, martyrs at Antioch [S] Philogonius, Bishop of Antioch, Confessor


[S] Juliana of Nicomedia, martyr [S] Themistocles, martyr at Myra in Lycia [SS] Five hundred male and 130 female martyrs at Nicomedia, converted during Juliana’s martyrdom


[SS] Anastasia Pharmacolytria and Chrysogonus, martyrs [SS] Theodota and her three children, martyrs [S] Zoilus, Bishop at Aquileja, Confessor, burier of Chrysogonus and others [E] φωτοβρόμιον τῆς τοῦ θεοῦ μεγάλης ἐκκλησίας. (per Filantropov)


[SS] Ten Martyrs of Crete [S] Paul, Archbishop of Neocaesarea, Confessor [S] Bitimion, ascete in Egypt [S] Aphrodisius, ascete, disciple of Sabas [E] Dedication of the Great Church (Hagia Sophia) at Constantinople


[S] Eugenia, Virgin Martyr at Rome [S] Nicholas ‘the Monk’, former general [S] Basilla, companion of Eugenia, martyr [S] Philip, father of Eugenia, martyr [SS] Protus and Hyacinth, martyrs at Rome [S] Schinon, Greek martyr by beheading [S] Achaicus, martyr by sword at Thessaloniki [S] Antiochus, monk at the Laura of St. Sabas, Confessor


[E] Christmas

12/26 (12/26 )

[E] Synaxis of the Virgin Mary [S] Euthymius, Bishop of Sardes, martyr [S] ...ἐν τοῖς Πολιλᾶ[S] Evaristus the Faster, ascete at Studion Monastery, Constantinople, Confessor [E] [S] Virgin Mary ...ἐν τῇ ἁγίᾳ σορῷ ἀποθέσεως τῆς τιμίας ἐσθῆτος ὁπεραγίας θεοτόκου ἐν Βλαχέρναις.[SS] (specified for first Sunday after Christmas) [S] Joseph the Carpenter [S] Apostle James the Greater, Brother of Jesus [S] Prophet David


[S] Stephen, Protomartyr [S] Theodore I, Patriarch of Constantinople


[SS] 20,000 martyrs in Nicomedia burned at Christmas under Maximianus [SS] Martyrs at Nicomedia under Maximianus (Glycerius the priest, Zeno, Theophilus the deacon, Dorotheus, Mardonius, Migdonius the deacon, Indes, Gorgonius, Peter, Agathius, Domna, Theophila, and Euthymius) [S] Theodore Graptus, martyr, brother of Theophanes, Archbishop of Nicea [S] Nicanor, martyr, of the Seven Deacons of the Church of Jerusalem


[SS] 14,000 Holy Innocents slain by Herod in Bethlehem [S] Marcellus of Apamea, abbot in Syria [S] Ven. Thaddeus the Studite [S] Secundus, Greek martyr by the sword [S] Babylas of Tarsus in Cilicia, Confessor [S] Benjamin the Great, of the Nitrian Desert [S] Athenodorus, disciple of Pachomius the Great, in Tabennisi, Egypt [E] ...τοῦ Χαλκοῦ Τετραπόλου.


[S] Anysia, martyr at Thessalonica [S] Theodora of Caesarea [S] Philetaerius/Philoterius, martyr [S] Leontius/Leo, Cappadocian abbot and ascete in the Libyan desert


[S] Melania the Roman/the Younger, Matron [S] Zoticus, Foster Father of the Orphans, martyr [S] Gelasius, anchorite near Nicopolis, assister at the 4th Ecumenical Council [S] Nema/Nemia, Greek martyr by sword [S] Gaius, Eastern ascete [SS] Ten Virgin Martyrs at Nicomedia [S] Olympiodora, Greek martyr by fire [S] Gaudentius, Greek martyr [S] Busiris, martyr at Ancyra


[E] :[S] Basil the Great, Bishop of Caesarea in Cappadocia, Confessor [S] Basil/Basilius of Ancyra in Cappadocia, martyr [S] Theodotus, martyr by sword [S] Sergius, martyr, identity uncertain [S] Theopistus, Greek martyr by stoning [S] Gregory Nazianzen, father of Gregory The Theologian, Bishop, Confessor [S] Mark/Marcus the Deafmute [S] Theodosius, abbot at Tryglia Monastery (8th cen.)


[S] Pope Sylvester of Rome, Confessor [S] Theagenes/Theognis, Bishop of Parium, martyr [SS] Theopemptus, Bishop of Nicomedia, and Theodota, mother of Cosmas and Damian, martyrs [S] Cosmas the Miracle Worker, Archbishop of Constantinople (d. 1081)


[S] Prophet Malachi/Malachai, Last of the Minor Prophets [S] Ven. Syncletica of Alexandria, ascete [S] ...σημεισφόρου, τοῦ ἐν ἁγ. Ζαχαρίᾳ τῆς Ἀτρώας.[E] Synaxis of the Seventy Disciples [SS] Unidentified woman and her two children, martyrs by fire


[S] Gordius/Gordianus, martyr at Caesarea in Cappadocia [SS] Theopemtus/Theopompas and Theonas, martyrs at Nicomedia [SS] Zosimas the Hermit and Athanasius Commentarisius, martyrs in Cilicia [S] Ven. Apollinaris Syncletica [E] (Per Filantropov, near the Church os St. Achatius) [SS] Chrysanthus and Euthymia, Greek martyrs


[S] Paul of Thebes [S] ... ἐν τῷ Ἀκρίτᾳ.[S] Phosterius, Eastern monk or hermit, Confessor [S] Sais, Greek martyr by drowning [S] Theidus/Theoidus, martyr [S] Ven. Domnica, ascete and prophet in Constantinople [S] Ven. Tatiana in Greece


[E] Epiphany


[E] Synaxis of John the Baptist in the Sphorace Quarter


[S] Ven. Domnica, ascete and prophet in Constantinople [SS] [SS] [S] Julianus, martyr at Antinoe in Egypt et [S] Basilissa, martyr at Antinoe in Egypt [SS] Companions of Julianus and Basilissa, martyrs at Antinoe in Egypt (Anthony, Anastasius, Marcionilla, Celsus and his seven brothers, and companions) [SS] Theophilus and Helladius, martyrs in Libya [S] Carterius, priest and martyr at Caesarea in Cappadocia [S] Cyrus I, Patriarch of Constantinople [S] (Per Fillantropov and Spasskij, 'samei') [SS] Agatho and Theoctistus of Egypt


[S] Polyeuctus, martyr at Melitene in Armenia [S] Eustratius, abbot and Miracle Worker [S] Antoninus, martyr at Nicomedia by drowning


[S] Gregory, Bishop of Nyssa, Confessor [S] Domitianus, Bishop of Melitene [S] Marcianus, priest and treasurer of the Great Church Hagia Sophia [E] Great Earthquake in Constantinople during Basil’s Reign (869) [S] Ven. Ammonius, identity uncertain


[S] Theodosius Coenobiarch, martyr at Marissa in Cappadocia [S] Theodosius of Antioch, Confessor [E] Σύναξις [SS] τῶν ἁγίων μυρίων ἀγγὲλων. Τελεῖται δὲ ἔνδον τοῦ μαρτυρίου τῆς ἁγίας Ἀναστασίας ἐν τοῖς Δομνίνου. [S] Apostle Mark the Evangelist [S] ἐν Πλακιδιαναῖς[S] Theodore, Greek saint [SS] Marcianus of Cyrrhus, hermit in Syria, and disciple Agapius/Agapitus [S] (per Spasskij)


[S] Tatiana, martyr [S] Peter Abselamas/Absalon/Balsamus of Atroa, martyr [S] Meortius/Martius, Roman soldier, martyr in Africa [SS] Eight martyrs at Nicea [S] Elias, hermit in Egypt [S] Euthasia, Greek virgin martyr by sword [S] Theodore the General/Stratelates, martyr [S] Theodora of Alexandria, Penitent in Egypt [S] Alexander, identity uncertain, commemorated near the Church of the Apostles


[SS] [S] υ[S] Stratonicus, martyr, jailer of Hermylus [S] ...ἀγὸ Νγσίβεως.[S] Athanasius, Greek martyr by club [SS] Pachomius and Papyrinus, martyrs in Greece by drowning [E] [S] Prophet Elijah ...τοῦ Βαθεωρύακος.


[SS] (also 33 monks at Raithu) [S] Theodulus, son of Nilus the Wise, chronicler of second massacre at Mt. Sinai [S] ...τοῦ Χηνολάκκου.[S] Agnes/Clodia, Virgin Martyr at Rome (Per Filantropov, 1295 also lists the parable of the tax collector and the Pharisee for this Sunday.)


[S] ...πτωχῷ[S] Pansophius, martyr at Alexandria [S] Cosmas of Jerusalem/Hagiopolites/of Majuma, bishop, Confessor [SS] (per Spasskij, the same verses are given here as for 6 martyrs on 4 Jan)


[E] Breaking of the Fetters of St. Peter [SS] Speusippus, Eleusippus, Melasippus, and Leonilla/Neonilla, martyrs in Cappadocia [S] Danax, lector, martyr at Avlona (Valona) in Illyria


[S] Anthony the Great, Abbot [S] Theodotus, Bishop of Cyrenia, Cyprus [S] Julianus Sabas, hermit in Mesopotamia [S] Achilles, hermit in Egypt

01/18 (date illegible)

[SS] Cyril and Athanasius, Archbishops of Alexandria [S] Marcianus/Mark of Cyrrhus, hermit in Syria [S] Theodula, martyr at Anazarbus in Asia Minor

01/19 (01/19.)

[S] Macarius the Elder/the Great, abbot in the desert of Scete in Egypt [S] Macarius the Roman, hermit [S] Euphrasia/Euphrosyne, Virgin Martyr at Nicomedia in Bithynia [E] Translation of relics of Gregory II ‘The Theologian” to the Church of the Apostles in Constantinople [SS] Lucillianus/Lucianus, Paula, and their sons (Claudius, Hypatius, Paula, and Dionysius), martyrs at Constantinople [E] Opening of Church Doors by Basil the Great in Nicea


[S] Euthymius the Great, Abbot in Palestine [SS] Bassus, Eusebius, Eutychius, and Basilides, martyrs at Nicomedia [SS] Valerianus, Candidus, Aquila, and Eugenius, martyrs at Trebizond in Asia Minor Τῇ αὐτῇ ἡμέρᾳ, [SS] Inna, Pina, and Rima, Gothic/Scythian martyrs [SS] Thyrsus and Agnes, Greek martyrs


[S] Maximus the Confessor/Theologian [S] Neophytus, martyr at Nicea [S] Zosimas, Bishop of Syracuse in Sicily, Confessor [E] Synaxis of Irene, Megalomartyr at the Church of St. Irene near the sea [SS] Forty/four martyrs at Tyre (Per Filantropov, 1295 designates the Prodigal Son lection for the week)


[S] Apostle Timothy, Bishop of Ephesus [S] Anastasius the Persian, martyr [SS] [S] Manuel, Bishop of Adrianople, martyr [S] ,[S] Λέοντος,[SS] Companions of Manuel, George, and Leontius, martyrs (Peter, Sionius, Gabriel, John, Leo, Parodus, and 337 companions


[S] Clement, Bishop of Ancyra, 'Father of the Orphans', Megalomartyr [S] Agathangelus, deacon, martyr [S] Ven. Maximus of Syria (4th cen.) [S] Salamanes the Hesychast, Confessor [S] Eusebius, Syrian recluse on Mt. Coryphe, near Antioch [SS] ...ἐν τοῦ Παρείῳ.[E] Sixth Ecumenical Council


[S] Ven. Xenia/Eusebia, Deaconess [SS] Paul, Pausirius, and Theodotion, hermits and brothers, martyrs at Cleopatris in Egypt [SS] Babylas, Timotheus, and Agapius, martyrs at Sicily [S] Macedonius of Syria, hermit, Confessor [S] Castinus, first Bishop of Byzantium [E] Translation of Relics of Anastasius the Persian [SS] (1295 omits Eugraphus) [S] Hermogenes, martyr at Alexandria [S] Menas, martyr at Alexandria [S] (with P) ...Καλπασίου[S] Philip/Philippicus, priest [SS] Barsimus and his two brothers, martyrs by sword [S] Helladius Commentarisius, martyr [S] Zosimas the Hermit, martyr at Cilicia [E] [S] John the Baptist ...πλησίον τοῦ Ταύρου.


[S] Gregory Nazianzen/The Theologian, Bishop, Confessor [S] Publius, abbot in Syria, Confessor [S] Ven. Marus, cantor (d. 5th cen. near Kyros)s [S] Medula, martyr by fire in Greece [S] Apollo/Apollonius/Apollos, founder of monastery near Hermopolis, Confessor [S] Prophet Isaiah [S] ...σχενοφύλακος


[SS] Xenophon, Mary/Martha, and their sons John and Arcadius [E] Great Earthquake in Constantinople (in 447) [S] Simeon ‘the Ancient’, Confessor [SS] Ananias, Peter, and seven soldiers, martyrs in Phoenicia [S] Ammon/Amonas, ascete in the Theban desert in Africa [S] Gabriel, abbot at Jerusalem, Confessor [SS] ...ἐν φρούρα


[E] (Per Filantropov, also here an appeal to Cyriacus (unidentified)) [S] John Chrysostom, Patriarch of Constantinople [S] Greek Empress Marciana, buried at the Church of the Apostles in Constantinople [S] Claudinus, Greek saint [S] Peter of Egypt, Confessor, pupil of St. Lot and hermit on Mt. Taurus near Antioch in Syria (Per Filantropov, for Meatless Saturday)


[S] Ephrem/Ephraem the Deacon (the Syrian), Confessor [S] Palladius, hermit near Antioch in Syria [S] James the Penitent, Confessor, near Porphyria in Samaria or on Mt. Carmel [SS] Mother and daughter, martyrs by sword [S] Charis, virgin martyr in Greece by amputation (Per Filantropov: for Meatless Sunday, the Second Coming)


[E] Translation of Relics of Ignatius Theophorus [SS] Romanus, Jacob, Philotheus, Hyperechius, Abibus/Haabib, Julianus, and Paregorius, martyrs at Samosata in Syria [SS] Silvanus, Lucas, and Mocius, martyrs [SS] Sarbel and Bebea, sibling martyrs at Edessa [S] Barsimeus/Barsamja, Third Bishop of Edessa in Syria, martyr (29 Jan 1295; 30 Jan CT, Bas, Petr., [S] Aphraates, ‘the Persian Sage,’ hermit in Syria [S] (per Spasskij, this may be Mausimus, 23 Jan.)


[SS] Hippolytus, Censorinus, Chryse/Aurea, Sabbainus, and 16 other companions (Theodorus, Felix, Maximus, Herculinus, Venerius, Styracinus, Cenas, Commodus, Hermes, Maurus, Eusebius, Rusticus, Monagrius, Amandinus, Olympius, and Cyprius), martyrs at Ostia [S] Theophilus the New Martyr [S] Zeno, hermit near Antioch [E] [S] Virgin Mary ...πέραν ἐν γεωρβία.

01/31 (date illegible)

[SS] Cyrus and John, martyrs in Egypt [SS] Theodota, Theoctista, and Eudocia, virgin martyrs at Alexandria, comforted by Cyrus and John, and their mother Athanasia, martyr [SS] Victorinus, Victor, Nicephorus, Claudianus, Dioscorus, Serapion, and Papas, martyrs in Egypt [S] Thryphaenes/Triphene, martyr at Cyzicus


[S] Tryphon, martyr [S] Peter Galata, hermit near Antioch in Syria, Confessor [S] Vendemiamus, hermit, disciple of Auxentius [SS] Perpetua, Saturus, Revocatus, Saturninus, Secundus, and Felicitas, martyrs at Carthage [S] Basil, Archbishop of Saloniki in Macedonia [S] Timothy ‘the Confessor’ [SS] Theion and two boys, Greek martyrs by beheading [S] Carion/Karion, Greek martyr


[E] Presentation of Jesus to Simeon the Just at the Temple


[SS] Simeon the Just and Prophet Anne [SS] Adrianus and Eubulus, martyrs at Caesarea in Palestine [S] Blasius/Blaise, Bishop of Sebaste in Cappadocia, martyr [S] Zachariah, Eleventh of the Minor Prophets [SS] Paul and Simon, Greek martyrs by sword [S] Claudius, Greek Confessor (Per Filantropov, for Cheesefare Saturday)


[S] Isidore of Pelusium, Confessor [SS] Papias, Diodorus, and Claudianus/Claudius, martyrs at Perge [S] Nicholas the Studite, Confessor [S] ...Ἀρρβηλῆς....[S] John, Bishop of Irenopolis/Isauria, Confessor, of the First Ecumenical Council in Nicea [S] Iasimus the Wonder Worker, Greek saint (Per Filantropov, for Cheesefare Sunday.)


[S] Agatha, Virgin Martyr at Catania in Sicily [S] Theodula, martyr at Anazarbus in Asia Minor [S] Azarias, prophet, son of Oded


[S] Bucolus, Bishop of Smyrna, disciple of Apostle John the Theologian [S] ...ἐν Ἐμέσῃ[SS] Fausta, Evilasius, and Maximus, martyrs at Cyzicus [SS] Faustus, Basilius, Silvanus, and companions, martyrs in the Darion Quarter of Constantinople [S] Photius, Patriarch of Constantinople, originator of the Greek Schism [S] Barsanuphius of Gaza, hermit


[S] Parthenius the Miracle Worker, Bishop of Lampsacus [S] Luke ‘The Miracle Worker’ of Hellas, Confessor [SS] 1053/1003 martyrs at Nicomedia [S] Aprianus/Arion/Aprionus, bishop in Cyprus [SS] Six martyrs by fire at Phrygia [S] ...ἐν Μονοβάτοις[SS] (1295 adds Theopemptus' wife) [S] Theopemptus, martyr by sword [S] Wife of Theopemptus, martyr


[S] Zachariah, Eleventh of the Minor Prophets [S] Theodore the General/Stratelates, martyr [SS] Martha, Mary, and Lycarion, sibling martyrs at Tanis in Egypt [SS] Nicephorus and Stephanus, Greek martyrs by flaying [SS] Philadelphus and Polycarp, Greek martyrs [S] ...Παφου νῆς Κύπρου[S] Pergetus, martyr, identity uncertain


[S] Nicephorus, martyr at Antioch [S] Romanus ‘the Cilician’, Confessor [S] Marcellus, Bishop of Sicily, martyr [S] Philagrius, Bishop of Soli in Cyprus, martyr [S] Pancratius, Bishop of Taormina/Tauromenium in Sicily, martyr [S] Peter of Damascus, martyr, killed by Arabs


[SS] (1295 inserts Ennatha, Valentina, and Paul into this group, and omits Theoctistus) [S] Bishop Charalampus, martyr at Antioch in Pisidia/Magnesia [SS] Ennatha, Valentina, and Paul, martyrs at Caesarea in Palestine [S] Baptus/Dauctus, martyr at Antioch in Pisidia/Magnesia [S] Porphyrius, martyr at Antioch in Pisidia/Magnesia [SS] Three women, martyrs at Antioch in Pisidia/Magnesia [S] (per Filantropov, 1295 has 'of Constantinople') [E] Commemoration of the Church of the Virgin Mary in the Areobindos Quarter at Constantinople


[S] Blasius/Blaise, Bishop of Sebaste in Cappadocia, martyr [S] Empress Theodora of Constantinople [SS] Two boys, martyrs with Blasius, Bishop of Sebaste


[S] Meletius, Patriarch of Antioch, Confessor [S] Marina, martyr, also known as Mary [S] Anthony Cauleas, Patriarch of Constantinople [SS] Plutinus and Saturninus, Greek martyrs by beheading


[S] Martinianus, Confessor, hermit in Caesaria, Palestine [SS] Aquila and Priscilla of the Seventy Disciples, martyrs [S] Eulogius, Melchite (Greek) Patriarch of Alexandria [SS] Unnamed father and son, martyrs by crucifixion


[S] ...ἐν τῷ Βουνῷ[S] (John) Maro, hermit, Confessor [S] Abraham/Abraames, Bishop of Harran (Carrhae) in Mesopotamia [S] Philemon, Bishop of Gaza, Hieromartyr


[S] Onesimus the Apostle, servant of Philemon [S] Eusebius, Syrian recluse on Mt. Coryphe, near Antioch [S] Major, Moorish martyr at Gaza [SS] Ven. Euphrosyne of Alexandria and her father Paphnutius, Confessor [E] Σύναξις ἐν τοῖς διακονίσσοις [S] Apostle John the Evangelist (the Theologian) [SS] Two soldiers in Thrace, martyrs by stoning


[SS] Pamphius and companions, martyrs at Caesaria in Palestine [SS] [SS] ...ἐν τοῦ Μαρτυροπόλει[S] Maruthas, Confessor, Bishop of Maiperkat (Tagrit/Martyropolis) in Mesopotamia [S] Flavianus, Patriarch of Constantinople, martyr


[S] Theodore Tiro of Euchaita in Pontus, martyr [S] Mariamne, sister of Apostle Paul [E] [S] ...τοῦ Καλλικελάδου[S] (probably; also 882, Oh 'Auxentius', but Oh describes him as bishop of Cyprus) ...Σόλωνος τῆς Κόπρου[S] Theocteristus, abbot at Symbola on Mt. Olympus, martyr [E] Commemoration of Emperor Marcianus and Empress Pulcheria in the Hagia Sophia


[S] Pope Leo the Great, Confessor [S] ...Συναίου[SS] [S] Leo, martyr at Lycia in Asia Minor [S] Paregorius, martyr at Lycia in Asia Minor ...τῆς Λυκίας[S] Piulus, martyr by sword [SS] Thomas I and John IV 'the Faster', Patriarchs of Constantinople


[SS] Maximus, Theodotus, Hesychius, and Asclepiodotes, martyrs at Philippopolis [S] Rabulas/Rabula, Confessor, abbot and disciple of Barypsabas [SS] Macarius and Eugenius, martyrs at Antioch [S] Sophronius, bishop, identity uncertain


[SS] Philemon, Archippus and Apphia, martyrs [SS] Sadoc/Sadoth and 128 companions [S] Bessarion the Great, Thaumaturgus [S] Pope Agatho of Rome, Confessor [S] Ven. Marus, cantor (d. 5th cen. near Kyros)s [S] Timothy of Caesaria [S] ...ἐν Κύρου[S] Cendius, Bishop of Pisidia [S] Ven. Plotinus, identity uncertain


[S] Timothy of Symbola, hermit [S] Leo II, Bishop of Catania in Sicily [S] Eustathius the Great, Patriarch of Antioch [S] George, Bishop of Amastria, Confessor [S] ...ἀπο Σχολαστικῶν[S] Zacharias, Patriarch of Jerusalem


[E] Обрѣтение мощемь [SS] [S] (toponym Eugenia is misunderstood as a female martyr Eugenia) [S] Athanasius the Confessor, of the Paulopetrian Monastery near Nicomedia [SS] Maurice and 70 soldiers, martyrs at Apamea [SS] Thalassius and Limnaeus, hermits near Pillima, diocese of Cyrrhus in Syria [S] Baradatus, hermit in Syria, Confessor [SS] Anthusa, martyr, and twelve servants [S] Synesius/Synetus, lector, martyr at Rome [S] Pope Telesphorus of Rome, martyr [S] Thomas I, Patriarch of Constantinople [S] Blasius/Blaise, Bishop of Sebaste in Cappadocia, martyr


[S] Polycarp, Bishop of Smyrna, martyr [SS] John, Moses, Antiochus, and Antoninus, hermits in the Syrian desert [S] Zebinas, hermit in Syria, diocese of Cyrrhus [S] Polychronius, hermit in Syria, diocese of Cyrrhus, disciple of Zebinas [S] Moses, hermit in the Syrian desert and disciple of Polychronius [S] Damianus, hermit in the Syrian desert and disciple of Polychronius [S] Gorgonia, matron, daughter of Gregory Nazianzen [S] Clement, Greek martyr by the sword [S] Thea, Greek martyr by the sword


[E] Discovery of the Head of John the Baptist


[S] Tarasius, Patriarch of Constantinople [S] Hypatius, Bishop of Gangra in Paphlagonia [S] ...ἐν Δριπάρων τῆς Θράκης[S] ...Σχοπέλων[S] ...Ἀπαμείας Κύπρου[S] Marcellus, bishop, martyr at Apamea in Cyprus [S] Theodore Salus, Fool for Christ's Sake


[S] Porphyrius, Bishop of Gaza, Confessor [S] Photina the Samaritan, martyr


[S] Gelasius, clown, martyr at Heliopolis in Phoenicia [S] Procopius Decapitola, Confessor [S] ...συναθκητῷ τοῦ Προκοπίου[S] Thalleleus Ericlautos, hermit [S] Stephen, Confessor, founder of Armatius Hospice at Constantinople [S] Nesius, Greek priest and martyr [S] Marcianus Theophorus


[S] Proterius, Melchite (Greek) Patriarch of Alexandria, martyr [S] Nestor, Bishop of Magydos in Pamphylia, martyr [SS] Marana and Cyra of Berea in Syria [SS] Six martyrs by sword in Egypt [SS] Nymphas and Eubulus, disciples of Paul [S] Barses/Barsus, Bishop of Damascus [S] Abercius/Abricius, martyr, killed by the sword [S] John Cassian (Cassianus Romanus), abbot and Confessor [E] Veneration of the Holy Cross [SS] [S] Photina the Samaritan, martyr [SS] (per Filantropov, apparently 1295 adds a Christodulus)